Vokera Unica Boiler range favoured by Johnson Heating and Plumbing

Vokera Unica HE Range

Why Choose a Vokera Condensing Boiler?

A central heating boiler is a big purchase which needs careful consideration on the part of the consumer. We have put together some high quality plumbing and heating links to help you make your own decision.

Why I Choose to Specialise in Vokera Boilers

We work with boilers all of the time. Perhaps you will be interested in why we choose to specialise in Vokera Boilers and regard Vokera as a manufacturer with a professional and customer focussed outlook.

Vokera Boilers are Great Value

In the high end boiler market, boilers from Vokera represent great value - they are very reasonably priced.

We Stake Our Reputation on the Reliability of Vokera Boilers

We have found Vokera boilers are very reliable inside and outside of the warranty period. As installers, our reputation depends us installing a reliable and quality product. By specialising in Vokera Boilers we are happy that our reputation is in safe hands and our customers will get a trouble free product. Furthermore, we do not make any money inside the warranty period for callbacks!

Vokera's Technical Support Responsiveness

Vokera have a very responsive telephone technical support. I can quickly call them for advice on any aspect of an installation or repair and they answer immediately.

When Things Go Wrong - Boiler Breakdown

In the rare cases when things go wrong and a boiler breaks down, Vokera's response time is very impressive. They usually sort things out within 24 hours. They understand, as do I, that it is important not to leave people without hot water and heating.

Vokera Installer Training

Vokera understand the importance of training installers like us and are fully committed to ensuring that we have the skills and knowledge to do the job. They understand that the fitting of a boiler is as important as the quality of the product itself, as a badly installed/designed heating system cannot work safely or to its full potential.

Vokera and the Environment

As well as manufacturing high efficiency boilers and ensuring that they are installed correctly through training programmes, Vokera are also dedicated to doing something about the environment. They are currently conducting, "An exhaustive review of UK operations ..., in line with the requirements of BS EN ISO14001". You can find out more about this from their Environmental Policy

Which Vokera Boilers Do we recommend?

We have found the Vokera Unica HE combi range of boilers to be excellent value and very reliable. For system boilers, with a link to a hot water storage cylinder, we have found the Vokera Mynute range (12 to 35kW) together with a Honeywell Control Package to be a good solution.

Vokera Unica HE- High Efficiency Combi Boilers - Sizes 28kW - 32kW - 36kW

We favour the Vokera Unica Range of Combi Boilers which come in 3 sizes to suit a range of homes - 28kW - 32kW - 36kW. Here's what Vokera have to say about it,

"The Unica HE is Vokčra`s mid-range high efficiency combination boiler. Uniqueness and simplicity defines this product, which delivers a very high flow rate, providing the end user with maximum domestic hot water comfort. Extremely simple to install, user friendly and stylishly designed makes this a fantastic choice. Savings of up to 30% on your gas bills can be gained from installing a Vokčra high efficiency boiler."

Vokera Mynute HE- High Efficiency Boilers - Sizes 12kW - 15kW - 20kW - 25kW - 30kW - 35kW

We favour the Vokera Mynute HE Range of Boilers which come in 6 sizes to suit a range of homes - 12kW - 15kW - 20kW - 25kW - 30kW - 35kW. Here's what Vokera have to say about it,

"Vokčra’s Mynute HE has extremely compact dimensions, the ideal boiler where space is an issue. These high efficiency system boilers are for central heating only with outputs ranging from 12kW - 35kW. Simple to install and commission with many great features and a stylish compact design. Save 30% on gas bills with Vokčra high efficiency boilers. Couple the Mynute HE with Vokčra Zenith Solar Thermal Collectors to benefits from free energy."